Understanding the creative process. Understanding client’s business needs.
That’s what Keith Hall understood to be important when he began PICS,
Picture and Imaging Consultants, in 2006. And PICS has been making
the world a more beautiful place ever since. Agile and adept enough
to move with the twists and turns of the creative journey from concept
to execution. An award-winning image studio with a client list which
contains some of the leading advertising agencies and brands on the
planet, PICS demonstrates that intuitive and instinctive understanding
of what is needed, what can make it happen and what can make it even
better than anyone ever imagined it could be.
A devoted team of visual artists resident in London and Minneapolis
and represented in New York.
5 full time CGI artists, 5 full time Retouching artists, 2 Motion Editors,
3 Project Managers and 3 Freelance Photographers.

They deliver the highest level CGI, moving image, retouching and
photography you will find. The highest. From global campaigns to local
challenges, every brief is treated as every client would like to be; as
an individual. Responding to the different demands and ambitions of
different jobs is something we understand well. So it’s really less
‘about us’ and more ‘about you’.
Private Work Suite
Private Lock-Down Suite
Gallery Space (available to rent)
Still Life Photographic Studio Space (available to rent)
3D Scanning
Asset Management