CGI Animation

Award winning animation studio in London

PICS is one of the most highly regarded CGI animation companies in London and will take your project or campaign to a new level. The adaptable nature of photoreal moving image means that any future changes are a refreshingly simple process.


Using the latest software and a bespoke VFX pipeline we can create stunning animation work quicker and more cost effectively than you may think possible. Whether your project requires a full CGI solution or a mixture of CGI and filmed elements, this can be carried out by our highly experienced team. Our in-house capabilities include; full CGI animations, live action backplates, green-screen shoots, camera tracking, compositing, editing and colour grading. We use a multitude of industry leading softwares including; Houdini, Cinema 4D, Nuke and Redshift. From a 400kb online ad to a 4k film title sequence; we’ve got it covered.


From your supplied brief we will prepare a pre-visualisation animation to start perfecting timings, camera moves and overall shot compositions. Whilst the pre-vis is being progressed we’ll be building any required CGI assets. Following on from these initial stages we will move into the texturing and lighting stage of the process which is when the work really springs into life. From photoreal fur to highly polished car bodywork, this is when our renowned attention to detail really comes to the fore. The last stage generally consists of compositing, editing and colour grading to perfect the final film to it’s full potential.