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Daniel Wellington Watches

About the Project

Our work for Daniel Wellington is a perfect demonstration of the flexibility and efficiency of CGI as a means to bring an extensive product range to life. In addition, once produced in CGI, all of the products can be used repeatedly to deliver endless creative opportunities in the future.


Minimalistic and elegant. A timeless classic.

Daniel Wellington, Stockholm.

PICS have built the majority of Daniel Wellington watches as new models have been released. These were primarily used as 360˚ product films on the DW website and social media. Consistent lighting across varying material qualities and textures helped to create a cohesive, ownable treatment for the Daniel Wellington product range.

From this clean and crisp starting point Daniel Wellington are utilising these assets in ever more creative ways. Most recently PICS created the product shots for the striking Iconic Link campaign. PICS renders were cut together with footage of global celebrities to create an extensive campaign of stills and short films. CGI products with endless possibilities.