About the Project

The world and the way that we do business is changing faster than ever, HSBC are helping their customers to navigate this. Grey London commissioned PICS to create this print and digital campaign for HSBC Global to demonstrate how new technologies and ways of business are replacing the old.


Better Business.

Grey, London.

The vast majority of all four executions were created in CGI, with stock still and moving images used as composite elements for the sky’s and city horizon lines. The market scene footage in the Boardroom ad was shot on location, then painstakingly rotoscoped and finally composited into the strikingly photoreal CG boardroom environment. PICS team of CGI artists, retouchers and compositors then completed the project by adding their infamous photorealistic touches and attention to each and every last detail. The final ads adorned airports and online spaces globally. The making-of film below captures the fascinating process of how each execution was created.



Making of