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Huawei Mate 10 Pro

About the Project

The impressive KPI list of the the Mate 10 Pro required an innovative and engaging ‘unboxing’ and ‘how-to’ narrative technique, a method that would manage to still inspire and impress the product’s tech-savy market and demonstrate with clarity the exciting new features of the phone.

High levels of A.I literacy are no longer confined to the world of industrial science. Instead, robotics are now firmly established in mainstream commercial technology. This meant that it was important that our creative solution remained aspirational and progressive, not infantile or antiquated.


Unboxing A.I.

FCB Inferno, London.

From scratch we designed, built and rigged characterful robotic arms that led the product launch firstly with an ‘unboxing’ animation, demonstrating to the audience the phone and it’s accessories. The feature-packed Mate 10 Pro device then required of PICS to create a suite of five ‘how-to’ animations,

demonstrated by our robot and the delivered with an accompanying suite of product stills for global use. Instead of stopping here, PICS then took the animation one step further, pushing the boundaries of the project onward to create a fully-fledged cinematic trailer style film.