About the Project

Rolex and JWT New York approached PICS with a request to help create their ‘History’ campaign. The body of work illustrates the rich heritage of their product lines within the context of an art gallery, graced with iconic celebrities wearing their beloved Rolex watch.


Capturing Classic Craft.

JWT, New York.

Having completed our first successful instalment of CGI work for the brand, we then went on to create a stunning animation with the ‘Rolex Cosmograph Daytona’ model that we created purely in CGI from a supplied physical watch. Given full creative license with the lighting and direction of the animation we were able to showcase this classic watch design to it’s fullest. As a true measure of the faculties of CGI to capture photoreal detail, a sense of iconoclastic craft, and classic beauty, this animation for the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona remains as one of our favourites to have creatively authored.

The wireframe renders below, captured during the modelling process, help to express the confounding capabilities of CGI technology to render reality with rigour and delicacy at once. From one model we were able to create renders for multiple versions, ultimately generating a full product suite for various comm’s platforms. It was from here we were able to creatively direct, with artistic flexibility, the series of animations and accompanying stills required. PICS led the project with full creative license towards lighting and camera moves, enabling us to showcase this classic, crafted icon to its fullest.