About the Project


Having built solid foundations with Carmichael Lynch on their Porsche and Harley Davidson accounts, the arrival of the Subaru business in 2009 resulted in PICS being able to continue to be a consistent production partner through to the present day, generating image galleries that have been part of year on year sales growth for this brand throughout North America.


Volume and Quality Consistency.

Carmicheal Lynch – USA.

With regular new model launches and cosmetic & technical updates to existing lines, each Subaru vehicle requires a gallery of up to 80 high-res’ images suitable for multi channel usage. Renowned automotive photographers, familiar with Carmichael Lynch and the Subaru brand, deliver the raw images into our team who work meticulously on the multi element construction and exhaustive cosmetics to both vehicles and environments. Essentially, the brief for PICS is to generate an extraordinary volume of images for each release that uphold the integrity of quality and doesn’t compromise on our renowned levels of craftsmanship,

despite the breadth of deliverables. For each release, photography is supplied in two contrasting environments for retouching; firstly a rugged, snowy landscape, amplifying Subaru’s safety, reliability and capability cues and also an adventurous outdoor landscape; delivering directly to the brands underlying principle of ‘confidence in motion’. Here, PICS typically takes creative licence to create striking environmental contexts and to ensure the material quality of the car’s exterior respond sympathetically to its surrounds.

Retouched Subaru crosstrek blue SUV in snow with trees in background
Retouched Subaru crosstrek silver SUV on beach with canoe mount
Retouched 2016 Subaru Crosstrek blue in hilly grasslands