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Nespresso Festive

About the Project

McCann Milan approached us to create the 2016 festive campaign for Nespresso. The brief was to create an entire fairground with a paper-engineered feel. From this we created a 2 minute animation, various cut-down versions, and 27 hi-res stills. This project was an homage to the tangible beauty of paper engineering and ultimately, to craft itself.

Inviting consumers to join us on a whimsical journey into a charming paper-made environment, the animation brings to life the sweetness and joy of the holiday season, a perfect tone for Nespresso’s 2016 Festive campaign.



Joyful Coffee.

McCann, Milan.

Supplied with a meticulously crafted set of paper-engineered fairground structures, PICS were asked to create a captivating two minute animation, various cut-down versions of the film and an extensive set of 27 hi-res stills for various touch-points within the 360 campaign.

Coffee-pods gracefully trace a rollercoaster track, cups and mugs rotate on a carousel and pods are transported by floating balloons. Crave appeal is created with macro pour and crema shots – all of which culminate in a successfully characterful, charming online film.